School Introduction - 新北市立忠山實驗小學



School Introduction

Jhongshan Elementary School, which was originally one part of Xiren Elementary School, is located in Danshui District of New Taipei City.

There are 28 staffs, 53 elementary school students and 28 preschool students. The principal now is Peng Zeng-long.

Jhongshan Elementary School is a great place to watch the sun rising from the Datun Mt., and watching stars at night.

In spring, cherries blossom inside and outside the campus. In summer, many beautiful butterflies play with flowers.

In autumn, the nuts of Roselle are ready for us. In winter, fog and clouds are all around the mountains.


1. Education Building

2. Staff Dormitory

Athletic Facilities

1. 1.4m track

2. Rainbow playground

3. Plastic Amusement equipment

4. Wood Amusement equipment

In-door Space

1. Mingchi Activity Center

2. Physical Activity Room

3. Elementary school classrooms

4. Preschool classroom

5. Computer classroom

6. Library

7. More House

8. Resource classroom


1. Roller blade Club

2. Orcarina Club

3. Diabolo Club

4. Ukelele Club

Local Education Curriculum:

1. Spring Field Trip - Cherry blossom Watching in Tienyuan Temple

2. Autumn Field Trip - Roselle Recovering in Dintienliou Organic Ariculture Leisure Farm

3. New Taipei City Tamshui Environment Art Festival - Are Parade

4. Baosheng Dadi Activity